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International law

Facts: more than 38% of Russian enterprises cooperate with foreign counterparts in one way or another. Every year the number of foreign companies entering Russian market grows by 13-16%. Both parties aim for the maximum effects of the international cooperation. Quality legal support is the key to success in such circumstances.

Your aim: How to enter foreign market properly? How to build a partnership with a foreign company to provide maximum profits? How to resolve a conflict with a foreign partner in your favor?

These and many other tasks can be accomplished with the Pacific Law Agency. Today it has years of experience in international projects of the following industries:

- Fuel, energy and manufacturing;
- Communication;
- Transportation;
- Fishing;
- Trading;
- Insurance and crediting business;
- Agriculture;
- Hotel business;
- Public catering;
- Real estate etc.

The Pacific Law Agency, working with customers in these fields, also has an extensive practice in property, contract, mortgage law, natural resources law, taxation, customs, banking and currency legislation, maritime and working law.

Partnership with the Pacific Law Agency will allow you to:

- Easily enter the legal field of a foreign country;
- Create the optimal structure for your business;
- Effectively resolve all the legal issues: from negotiations and support of the export and import operations to international agreements, which will fully protect your company’s rights;
- Eliminate expenses and fines due to erroneous actions of your company;
- Predict critical situations, escape lawsuits and various corporate disputes;
- Resolve a lawsuit in your company’s favor;
- Save and raise your company’s reputation and funds.

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