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Our services are multifold. Whatever the stage of company’s development is, the customer will always receive timely help and quality support from the Pacific Law Agency.

1. Creating a company. You are starting a new company, and we help you to:

- Easily start the business and enter the legal field of other regions and countries;
- Get the required licenses, quotes, ratifications, etc.;
- Arrange the sale/purchase of a business, etc.;
- Secure your rights as a business owner;
- Legalize your employees;
- Develop a management structure for your company;
- Confirm your partners’ credibility and ability to uphold their responsibilities.

2. Starting the business. You are starting a new business, and we help you to:

- Properly arrange all required documents, contracts and agreements;
- Set up an optimal company taxation scheme and to minimize the expenses.

3. Business development and force majeure issues. You are leading and developing business activity or have run into aggressive attitude of other market participants. We help you to:

- Provide full-scale legal support of the company’s activities in the whole or in separate projects;
- Prevent possible conflicts with the other market participants or the authorities;
- Resolve the conflict by pre-trial or court proceedings;
- Facilitate effective execution of judgement.

4. Industry specifics. Our areas of experience spread upon several industries, including fuel and energy industries, hotel business, transportation, insurance and financial services, fishing and agriculture, real estate etc. We offer legal, consulting and information services in corporate land, customs law, administrative and tax legislation. Moreover, we have vast experience of proceedings concerning environmental, maritime, fishing, forest and trade law, bankruptcy and legal lawsuits.

International law
International arbitrage
International taxes
Legal provision of foreign economic activities
Investment project support
Corporate law
Mergings and acquisitions
Maritime and fishing law
Natural resources and environmental law
Taxes and customs
Property law
Contract law
Legal lien
Banking and currency law
Employment law
Due diligence
Other services